Our solution:

SenzoUnit is a compact sensor that could be placed conveniently below desks or tables. They meter occupancy and provide real time information wirelessly. SenzoUnits are powered by mains current or batteries.

SenzoLive is a cloud based software where sensor data is collected. You may easily manage and monitor working areas and premises. Reporting tools provide you tailored and accurate data that allows you to optimize your workplace.

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We are a Finnish start-up founded in 2015. We act globally but believe in Nordic quality: our Research & Development, operations and manufacturing is based in Finland. Our customers range from small enterprises to global multinationals. Wherever workplace efficiency is needed - our growing team is ready to serve.


Senzo IT is a turnkey solution. We provide a complete service model for our customers - including system installation, introduction, support, maintenance and system hosting. We offer a system that is easy to use and fits seamlessly to your workplace. You will receive the data and may concentrate fully on core business.

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